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Update Your Website To A More Professional Look…It’s Free


For your business to standout, it must have an up and running website that’s well designed and user friendly. But many businesses get stuck at the designing stage because they have no design inspiration or the resources to execute their plans. Luckily, WordPress has released a series of Website Themes designed specifically for websites, and they are not charging.

There is a lot that goes on in the development stage before a website get’s launched. Part of the difficult decisions to make is finding a design template that is unique and potrays your business in the right way. Fortunately, so many successful businesses realized the advantages of wordpress theme early enough to take advantage of them. These themes can benefit your business too, and here is how.

Advantages of Free WordPress Themes

They are Free

You are not going to be asked for a single cent as you download the themes that suits you. It’s a cheaper option especially for the business that has just began building an online presence. You get a ready-made template where you only fill in your logo, product images and descriptions, videos, your blog page, and anything else you want.

Available Resources to Build Your Site

The free WordPress business themes come with plugins that work as resource tools to build the site. One of these free plugins is WooCommerce a phenomenal tool to help you display and sell your goods online. WooCommerce will arrange your online store conveniently so it becomes easy to view your goods or services in an attractive layout. It also helps create custom email notifications, generate coupon systems, handle report order or complete sales transactions for you.

Responsive Layouts

These business WordPress themes are web responsive, which is a feature increasing in importance and popularity nowadays. A fully responsive website means it will easily load on your desktop or mobile phone without losing the layout appearance, typography or media content. A responsive WordPress theme allows you to tap into the mobile platform as well, especially with statistics showing that more people are accessing the internet via smartphones and not laptops.

Say no to bloated pages

WordPress themes are designed to display content in a clear and accurate manner. So you won’t have cases of the images looking too big or saturated to a point readers cannot see your content. It also means web Ads will have their own corner away from the main content and not be popping up on your face when you load the same page on your phone. In short, free business WordPress themes get things organized and conveniently for you.

Developed with an Easy Framework

Most of these free WordPress themes for business are compatible with Genesis Framework. This framework is designed to develop those WordPress themes that have what is called a child theme characteristic. In layman, child theme is the easiest WordPress theme to work with both for the experienced developer or the novice non-technical website owner. No matter your skill level, Genesis Framework lets you design professional websites from scratch with available resources like default page layouts, SEO settings, widgets and all.

Free WordPress Themes

By now you are already convinced you are missing out on a great professional looking website. Nonetheless, there is always the option for a quick upgrade with any of the free WordPress themes for business out there. Here are a couple of business themes for WordPress to start you off.

The Disadvantages of Free WordPress Themes

As you know freebies always come with a cost so here is what you should know about free WordPress themes.

You won’t have any customer support from the theme’s creator
Everything is dependent on you, from the installation to adding content
You will be able to contact the author of theme directly for any questions, an advantage that comes with paid themes alone
You cannot get immediate assistance with bugs or 3rd party assets


Morgan - Free WP Portfolio Theme

Morgan is a clean, multilingual and lightweight vCard wordpress theme, that lets you launch a fully functional personal website in less than half an hour.

Everything in easy-to-use package. Just a click needed to create pages like Live Preview pages, and then use Drag and Drop functionality to edit things of your website pages.


AyoShop Business Theme

 This is a responsive WordPress theme designed to work effortlessly with WooCommerce. It works on Genesis Framework and with a simple layout that is free of bloating. There are plenty of color schemes and child themes to work with and the theme can easily be customized for WordPress. You can personalize it to suit your taste and boost your business image.


Prosume WordPress Theme

 Another simple layout theme from Site5 that is easily developed using Genesis Framework. It is bloat free and arranges everything in a clear manner making it easy to navigate through your website. It is free to download as well.



 Another easy to download and install business website theme that is ideal for displaying your online portfolio. It is bloat-free, comes with additional resources to make your web development easy and is customizable to suit your WordPress the way you want it.

 Owning a business website doesn’t always mean you have to cough up several hundred dollars. A free WordPress theme for business is all you need to launch your online presence. It’s a cheaper option that still portrays your business professionally to your clients.










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11 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress For Your Website


WordPress is completely FREE!

Why you should make websites with WordPress. How do you do that?

Consider the following situations:

1. You are a businessman or going to start a business; You need a website but, you can’t manage the time or money to make it.

2. You are a businessman or going to start a business; You already have a website which is not fulfilling your expectation. Maybe you are not satisfied with the features or the performance of that website. So, you want to make a new one.

In either situation, WP can be the best solution for you.

You can make a website in a very cheap cost (maybe within $30-$40 annually) within a very short time (It’s possible to make a basic website within a day!) using WP & you can have your preferred features in the website as well.

There are some other platforms to make a website but today, in this article, we will see why WP might be the best option to start with.

1. WordPress is completely FREE!

You can download and install WP, modify and use as you want without any cost.

You only have to spend a little money for the domain and hosting of your website. In the present scenario, almost all the hosting providers provide a free domain for one year with their package. There is a plenty of hosting providers such as: BlueHost, Hostgator, SiteGround and so on starting from less than $1/month.

2. It’s popular; WordPress holds almost 60% of the market share!

As of 2018, almost 30% of the total website are made using WordPress! Just imagine, you are visiting 4 websites and one of them is made with WordPress. And when it comes to CMS platforms, the percentage just gets doubled.

WordPress Market Shares
WordPress Market Share

3. Thousands of professional themes (Free & Paid)

There are almost 2000 free themes available at WP theme directory. Moreover, you can buy thousands of premium themes from various marketplaces. It’s really easy to use these themes so, you don’t have to hire any professional web designer to give your website’s visual a beautiful look a& feel.

4. You can add any features using Plugins

you can make a beautiful simple blog using WP even you can make a complex website structure as well for your business. Thousands of free and premium Plugins will help you to add various features to meet your expectation.

Wanna make an E-commerce store online?-Woocommerce Plugin is there to help you.

Wanna offer any course/tutorial online?-LifterLMS Plugin will ease your job.

There are several Plugins available to add a single feature so, you will have several options to choose from.

And you can add all these complex functionalities without any coding experience/knowledge!

5. WordPress is Search Friendly

The codes of WP are written maintaining high-quality SEO Compliance. You can optimize your website using free Plugins like Yoast SEO.

According to Matt Cutts (Google engineer)-

“WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues”.

6. WordPress is safe — The security of WordPress is quite strong

The codes of WP are written considering the security issue. However, like the offline world, the online world is unpredictable too. So, if anyone wants to make the security stronger, he may use some free/premium Plugins.

7. Various types of multimedia file formats are supported

Not only TEXT! It gives you the built-in support to add various types of image, video, audio, PDF, Docs and so on.

Another strong side of WP is that it supports the Embed feature. That’s mean, you just have to copy the URL of YoutTube videos, Instagram photos, Twitter tweets and other platforms’ contents and paste it to your WP website to Embed that to your website. No more hassles.

8. Unlimited users and different user-role

There are several roles in WP like Administrator, Editor, Subscriber, Author, Contributor etc.

Every user-role has its own capability and you can add unlimited users for every role. When you install Plugins like customer, instructor, student, moderator etc. the associated roles will be created automatically.

9. Mobile Friendly

There was a time when people used to use internet only with computers. But the number of mobile internet users is just increasing day by day. So, while making a website, you must consider your website’s mobile friendliness. And WordPress again makes it easy for you. WordPress website can be browsed from any device very comfortably.

10. There are tons of people to help with WordPress!

More than 70 million websites are made using WordPress. For having such a huge user-community, millions of resources are available to get help with WordPress. Just Google any problem regarding WordPress, you get the solution!

11. Easy to install & manage website with WordPress

To my opinion, this is probably the biggest reason of such popularity of WP. You don’t have to be a web developer. You don’t have to write codes in HTML, CSS, PHP or JAVA either (its good to have some basic coding knowledge though).

Besides that:

· You can make any kinds of website. You can scale up your website from basic to super complex as you want.

· It supports multiple languages. So, you can make your website almost in every language.

· You can transfer your whole website to any hosting server.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started